Will your products improve my sex life?

Yes. Our products do work. Our products have been tried and tested. We do strenuous testing on all our products before we put them on the open market. If we are not happy with the performance of a particular product, we will not sell it.

Are there any side effects with your products?

Strenuous testing has been carried out on all our performance enhancing supplements. Whilst the majority of our products are “headache free”. We recommend maintaining an adequate fluid intake, this will help avoid a head ache or migraine.

Are there any female supplements to assist in heightened libido and increased sex drive?

Please note: We are not, and do not claim to be medical practitioners.

How long do your products take to start working?

Testing on our products indicates that most people notice the effects of our products within 45 minutes. Our products will work better when not taken with food, with food could take longer.

Can I use your products under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We recommend that you do not consume our products under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However we have tested our performance enhancing products on people who have consumed alcohol and they have been very happy with the results of our products.

I would not advise consuming our products whilst under the influence of illicit substances.

Can i consume your products if I have High Blood Pressure or a Heart Condition?

We recommend that you seek medical advice before consuming our product.

Are all your performance supplements the same strength?

No. Some products are stronger than others. Please speak to one of our experts in selecting a product that is right for you